Monday, June 21, 2004

Conditionality, reminds me the money lending practices in rural India.

The International Money lenders:

I was born and brought up in rural India. More than half of the population in rural India are living with poverty. Access to money has never been a problem for the poor if they have good rapport and access to money lenders. Money lending is mostly considered as family business and very particular caste and sub-caste members are involved in this business. In a very narrow economic sense it is called informal system of banking. In recent past, most of money lenders have stopped their business because of people have alternatives and choices. Alternatives are in the form of nationalised banks, rural banks, cooperatives and self help groups.

From money lenders to present cooperatives and self-help groups, there are two major things involved in money lending one is money and second is conditions for availing money. In money lending practices the conditions such as, borrower has to have some mortgage against loan, may be in terms of cow, land, gold, any house hold assets and some time their labour. Other conditionalities are like repay amount with certain compound interest rate, invest certain part of loan money in productive assets. But the most interesting part of the money lending system is that the money lender forces borrower to buy rice, clothes, fertilisers, agriculture implements, and other materials from the money lenders. Most of the money lenders have small business shops of their own or their relatives. Though this part of conditionality is not the part of original agreement but it is taken as unwritten condition. If the borrowers do not accept the conditions they do not get loan. Money lenders are always the winner because they not only have control over resources but also choices of the poor.

Why I am putting all these things because recently I read a report from Action Aid, UK, on AID CONDITIONS enforce by international Money Lenders like IMF and World Bank on utility privatisation in poor countries. Report says that Aid money, new loans and debt relief are still contingent on governments accepting highly specific economic reforms that are conceived, designed and approved in Washington, by the IMF and World Bank and their boards, not in the countries where they are implemented. If countries fail to comply with these stipulations, both multilateral and bilateral donors will withhold funds. The report also finds that in large number of low income countries donors are pressuring governments to sell off and sub-contract services in water and electricity to private companies. The evidence suggests that donor conditionality distorts and undermines domestic political processes and the reforms have a poor track record of meeting the needs of the poor communities.
The study conducted by Action Aid not only questions the very intension of IMF and WB but also challenges the policy makers, planners, politicians and common people of the Nations who are highly affected by the conditionality.

The African Story:

In the year 2001, the report on Africa Debt revealed that, The 48 countries of sub-Saharan Africa spend approximately $13.5 billion every year repaying debts to rich foreign creditors for past loans of questionable legitimacy. These debt repayments divert money directly from basic human needs such as health care and education, and fundamentally undermine African governments' fight against the AIDS pandemic and their efforts to promote sustainable development. Then African Nations lobbied for debt relief or debt cancellation or waving. The key point of all discussions of debt relief was rested on certain conditionality. Conditions like adopting economic reforms by the countries and supervision by the IMF and World Bank, developing Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). Though the approach was not fully defective or full of demerits but the process was problematic. African countries realized that the conditions are not only meant to control African economy by the rich country but also intervene in the internal policy of the Governments. Beyond philosophical problems there were also practical problems with implementation and many agencies realized that conditionality was fundamentally inappropriate.

These discussions and sharing had some effects in debt cancellation but Africa could not make free from the clutches of International money lenders.

At Last:

Let it be money lenders in rural India or International Giants like IMF or World Bank in Global South. The objective of both is to lend money and collect money. In order to ensure that their money is not misutilized and are in safe, they design and enforce certain systems and conditions. Some times it favors poor, both people and country but many times fails. Often it is argued that the conditionality compels Government to maintain transparency, encourage private participation, involve civil society, promote sustainable development, etc but at the same time it increases outsiders intervention, imposes external idea and program, creates unbalanced political and economic structure and reduces opportunity for participation of poor. It not only hampers the capacity building process of the Government but at the same time creates dependency.


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